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mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

Poetry Haitians Ny Miami Boston Montreal(eChasimbi)

eChasimbi is writing for Haitians

Thank god for the blogger. We shall soon have english material for our Haitian cousins

Writers, photos, paintings coming from Haitians speaking American all over the world.

Have you heard about Ronald Mevs,Marie Hélène(Pépé pour les imtimes)Cauvin,Roland Paret, Frantz Voltaire, Ghislaine Rey Charlier,Kate Sterlin the now famous photographer she portayed eChasimbi and family in a remarkable black and white picture.

Nou la nap kimbé pi red eChasimbi ap banou tout kaka chat la in english for the Haitian Americans.
Haitian first
then Americans. Have you heard of the writer Bernard Sterlin. This blog will tell you what you don't know. His master piece "The killing seed" will soon be on this blog, chapter by chapter act by act to keep your interest in Haitian American writers and poetry.
Most Haitians in North America are now profesionnals(second and third generations) and they appreciate the coming up culture. It can be music, theater, litterature or films.Not to talk about sports in wich Haitians execel. Soccer,Hockey, Basketbal, track and field.I would give you names but i'am sure you know.

Ok ok Laraque,Surin,and you know them all.

BY THE WAY i'VE YOU seen Patrice Bolté's film on Haitian Painting's, somtething to see.

Culture haitienne dans le monde is an initiative of Cidihca,check the site it out.More than two hundreds books published.Some are masterpieces,

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